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CIST Student Sandbox

IST 605: Bullying in Schools

Resources for teachers, parents, and caregivers whose children may be experiencing bullying in elementary, middle, or high school

Elementary School Titles

These books are primarily for ages 5-9. They may be picture books, or lengthier books, and can be used according to your child's age and reading level. 

A Wrinkled Heart, by Tracy Hoexter and Lindy Burnett: This e-book is written primarily for kindergarten to third graders. The authors use the familiar motif of talking animals as they tell the story of Elliott, a bunny who hears hurtful words throughout the book, which wrinkle his heart. This book can pair along nicely with the wrinkled heart activity, a classroom exercise in which students make a heart, explain what words can make the heart wrinkle, and then try and smooth out the heart later by saying positive words. The idea is that words can hurt, and scars from those words can remain. Kindle Edition available on Buy here