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IST 605: Bullying in Schools

Resources for teachers, parents, and caregivers whose children may be experiencing bullying in elementary, middle, or high school

How to Search Databases and Articles

Putting the "Search" in Research: Suggested Search Terms

When you are searching for an article in a database, sometimes the amount of information can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Before you can search for anything, you need a research topic. Once you have chosen your topic (in this case, bullying in schools), think about what keywords and phrases that might be most specific to the topic. Examples are listed below. 

  • anti-bullying movements
  • bullies
  • bullying
  • bullying at school
  • covert bullying
  • cyberbullying
  • direct bullying
  • harassment
  • school bullying
  • school violence
  • victims of bullying

Once you have your keywords and other related terms, formulate a search strategy using advanced search techniques like Boolean operators in the database. 

Boolean Operators: An Easy Guide

Boolean operators are words used to connect search terms to expand or narrow a search. They are used in databases to help locate relevant information. They can be considered a "bridging" word that can bring up more specific results in your search. 

  • And is used to retrieve records that contain all of the search terms. It narrows the search. Use "and" in between terms that are required to make the search specific. Ex. "children" and "bullying". 
  • Or is a popular boolean operator that retrieves records that contain any of the search terms. It helps to expand the search. Use "or" in between terms that are synonymous or present equal value to the search. Ex. "women" or "ladies". 
  • Not is used to eliminate records that contain a search term. It also narrows down a search. Use "not" in front of a term to ensure that the search will not include the particular term. Ex. "image" not "weight" -implying the search is not related to body image, but an image similar to a picture. 

Visual learners can think of Boolean operators like a Venn diagram.



Databases Related to Bullying

The following list of databases can be used and accessed through your local library. They relate to the topic of bullying in various forms, as well as other behavioral concepts. The databases are mostly subject-specific with search terms listed below, to not overwhelm you during your search. The tab on the left, Selected Articles on Bullying, contains articles that can be found in these databases. Keep in mind that some databases/articles may require specific library information to access- ask your reference librarian!