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National Associations and Societies/United States

American Sociological Association

(ASA) is the nation’s largest sociology professional organization. Founded in 1905, ASA a non-profit membership association dedicated to advancing sociology as a scientific discipline and profession serving the public good. With over 12,000 members, ASA encompasses sociologists who are faculty members at colleges and universities, researchers, practitioners, and students. Membership opens up access to the latest sociological research on the most current and relevant topics, academic resources, opportunities for students and professionals to continue learning both online and in person, resources for teachers and practitioners, networking opportunities, and volunteer opportunities.

The Honors Program provides undergraduate sociology students a rich introduction to the professional life of the discipline. Once admitted, these exceptional students come together for four days and experience all facets of the ASA Annual Meeting.

American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences

The American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences (AABSS) holds an annual conference that brings together scholars from around the U.S. and abroad in order to present scholarship related to a wide variety of contexts, including theory, practice, empirical research, and conceptual advancement.  It is a juried conference, meaning that presentation proposals undergo peer-review prior to potential acceptance for presentation.  

American Association for Public Opinion Research

A non profit organization that provides poll information, survey FAQs, and highlights of new research initiatives. "Founded in 1947, the American Association for Public Opinion Research is the leading association of public opinion and survey research professionals. The AAPOR community includes producers and users of survey data from a variety of disciplines. Our members span a range of interests including election polling, market research, statistics, research methodology, health related data collection and education."

Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology

The AACS helps students and professionals apply the most up to date sociological research findings where and how they are needed most. It provides opportunities for learning and sharing ideas or collaboration. Founded in 2005, AACS is the successor organization to the Society for Applied Sociology and the Sociological Practice Association.

Society for the Study of Social Problems

"The SSSP's stated purpose is to promote and protect sociological research and teaching on significant problems of social life and, particularly, to encourage the work of young sociologists; to stimulate the application of scientific method and theory to the study of vital social problems; to encourage problem-centered social research; to foster cooperative relations among persons and organizations engaged in the application of scientific sociological findings to the formulation of social policies; to foster higher quality of life, social welfare, and positive social relations in society and the global community and to undertake any activity related thereto or necessary or desirable for the accomplishment of the foregoing purposes."

Associations: Other Countries and International

British Sociological Association

"Founded in 1951, the British Sociological Association (BSA) is the national subject association for sociologists in the UK and its primary objective is to promote sociology. The BSA is the largest sociological network in the UK and is the public face of sociology in Britain."  

Canadian Sociological Association

"The objective of the Association is to promote the advancement of the discipline of sociology in Canada and abroad, and to expand the opportunities for sociological research, teaching, and learning in compliance with the highest ethical and academic standards. It seeks to increase public knowledge, interest and critical awareness of social structures, in particular, in Canadian society, within a global system."

International Sociological Association

(ISA) provides a platform to tackle worldwide sociological issues and broaden perspectives. Like the ASA, the ISA offers resources and opportunities for both professionals and students. The ISA was founded in 1949 under the auspices of UNESCO. The goal of the ISA is to represent sociologists everywhere, regardless of their school of thought, scientific approaches or ideological opinion, and to advance sociological knowledge throughout the world. Its members come from 126 countries.

International Visual Sociology Association

"(IVSA) is a nonprofit, democratic, and academically-oriented professional organization devoted to the visual study of society, culture, and social relationships. Our members represent a wide spectrum of disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, education, visual communication, photography, filmmaking, art, and journalism."

Centers, Institutes & Organizations

Institute for Social Research (University of Michigan)

"ISR is the world’s largest academic social science survey and research organization. We are a leader in developing and applying new social science methods, and are committed to educating the next generation of social scientists. With researchers from a broad range of academic disciplines, ISR serves as a national laboratory for the social sciences, advancing public understanding of human behavior through empirical research of extraordinary depth and breadth."

National Center for Social Research

(NatCen). The largest independent social research institute in the UK best known for its annual British Social Attitudes Survey, Britain's longest-running annual survey of public attitudes accessed for research through the UK Data Service. Well regarded for its research using qualitative and evaluation methods. NatCen researchers authored one of the key textbooks for qualitative researchers "Qualitative Research Practice" published by Sage Publishing.

Focused Organizations

Association of Black Sociologists

"Founded in 1970, the Association of Black Sociologists emerged out of a series of conversations in the Caucus of Black Sociologists about how to best advocate for the interests of black sociologists and black people domestically and globally. Since its inception, the organization has supported and cultivated scores of black social scientists and black community activists in service of intellectual and social organizing for the betterment of black folks’ lives at all intersections."

Rural Sociological Society

"The RSS is a professional social science association that promotes the generation, application, and dissemination of sociological knowledge. The Society seeks to enhance the quality of rural life, communities, and the environment. We seek and support a diverse and international membership of academics and practitioners who share our interests in rural people and places."

Sociologists for Women in Society

Sociologists for Women in Society is a nonprofit professional feminist organization dedicated to:

  • Encouraging the development of sociological feminist theory and scholarship
  • Transforming the academy through feminist leadership, career development, and institutional diversity
  • Promoting social justice through local, national, and international activism
  • Supporting the publication and dissemination of cutting edge feminist social science.

NY and Regional Organizations and Associations

Eastern Sociological Society

ESS is the regional sociological organization for the North Eastern United States. It is a non-profit organization with a mission of "promoting excellence in sociological scholarship and instruction". It publishes a peer-reviewed journal (Sociological Forum) and holds a yearly academic conference, the Annual Meeting of Eastern Sociological Society.

New England Sociological Association

Established in the year 1970, NESA was initially named as Massachusetts Sociological Association. It is committed to promote the sociological research, education and practice.  In encompasses around 150 members with most of them from New England and also others. It enables the members and its annual congress attendees a scholarly exchange of ideas, reflecting the newest advances in the discipline.

New York State Sociological Association

"The New York State Sociological Association is dedicated to providing a space for sociologists, and those interested in sociology, to present their work and exchange ideas. We believe that the sociological perspective has much to contribute to understanding our world and working toward positive social change. The organization holds an annual meeting at a different host school each year. Submissions are peer reviewed, and there is an award for the best undergraduate and graduate student paper."