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Art+Feminism Edit-a-thon: What to Edit

Information, resources and tutorials for the March 29, 2021 Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

Wikipedia Pages to EDIT: UAM Artists

New to Wikipedia editing? Improving existing articles is a good place to start. Click on the artist's name to get to the Wikipedia entry. Links are provided to University Art Museum publications and other resources.

The following articles have been flagged for improvement:
Nicole Cherubini (needs citations)
Jungjin Lee (needs citations)
Cheryl Pope (needs citations, notability needs to be established)
Sara Greenberger Rafferty (stub; needs expansion)
Stella Waitzkin (stub; needs expansion)
Wendy White (needs citations)
The following articles may require expansion or minor edits:
Lee Bontecou 
Dawn Clements 
Keltie Ferris (short article, could be expanded on)
Rachel Foullon 
Kate Gilmore 
Dana Hoey (missing info box)
Mary Reid Kelley 
Baseera Khan 
Mary Ellen Mark 
Suzanne McClelland (short article, minimal citations)
Carrie Schneider (short article, minimal citations, missing information box)
Tschabalala Self 

More Articles to EDIT: Stubs and Task Lists

Wikipedia Editors

Add Missing Citations

Creating New Articles

Once you have some experience editing on Wikipedia, you may be ready to create new articles from scratch for artists who do not yet have a page.

Wikipedia requires that your account is active for over 96 hours and that you make at least ten edits before you can create a new article.

You will also need to establish the artist's notability in order for a new article to be approved (Also see Wikipedia's general notability guidelines).

→ Use Art+Feminism's draft template to start a new article.

Wikipedia Articles to CREATE: UAM Artists

These artists do not yet have a page on Wikipedia.

 University at Albany Fine Art Collections 

More Articles to CREATE

WikiProject Women in Red has lists of suggested topics to work on that are currently missing Wikipedia pages, including female artists and their works.

WikiProject Women Artists aims to provide quality coverage of women artists and their works. They have a wide variety of resources, including "good articles" that can be used as templates and a list of suggested tasks under "How you can help."

More ideas for finding women artists

Rachel Foullon Washboard

Rachel Foullon Art

Artist: Rachel Foullon
Title: Washboard
Date: 2012