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Food for Thought

Resources for Research on Food & Culture

Dig in to a Feast of Resources

 Looking for in-depth research studies on food-related topics (such as sustainability, food security or public health)? Scholarly articles are authoritative resources written by experts in a particular field. Use the databases to find articles from peer-reviewed journals.

Tips for Searching the Databases

Databases are used to find articles, documents, chapters and other specific information on a topic.

What is a Scholarly Resource?

Recommended Library Databases

Food is a topic that spans across many disciplines. Begin your research with a multidisciplinary database such as Academic Search Complete, or if you are interested in exploring your topic through a particular disciplinary lens, try a subject specific database. For example, an Environment database would be appropriate for the topic of sustainability and food waste, while a Social Welfare database would be helpful if you are researching poverty and food deserts.

Suggested Subject Terms

Select Browse By --> Subject in the Libraries' Search tool and try the following subject terms:

  • food
  • food habits
  • food writers 
  • public health
  • agriculture
  • food supply
  • food security
  • feeding behavior
  • food intake
  • food -- History
  • gastronomy


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