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Evaluating Generative AI Tools


illustrations of smiley faces showing happy and sad faces

Generative AI tools can be useful for a variety of tasks. Knowing which AI tool to use when so many new ones are becoming available all the time can be a challenge. When it comes to your academic work, you should always follow your professor’s rules if they ask you not to use AI or to stick to using a specific AI tool. But outside of these scenarios, you may need to make your own decisions about the best AI tool for a given task. This guide will help you make those decisions.  


This guide was created by the following team: 

Allison Hosier, Head of Information Literacy

Abby Adams, Subject Librarian for Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security, Cybersecurity, Informatics, and Criminal Justice

Angela Hackstadt, Subject Librarian for Political Science, Public Administration, Public Policy, & Law

Irina Holden, Information Literacy Librarian and Subject Librarian for Engineering and Russian Studies

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