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HIS 292: Trials in United States History: Databases

Help for databases

Databases contain records for journal articles, books, book chapters, and other library resources.  Some databases are specialized in content, both in subject area covered and in the types of resource formats they contain.  For example, some databases contain newspapers only.

Databases may or may not contain full text.  Dependent on UAlbany Libraries' subscription, we may have access to print, online, or both. 

Search databases to retrieve a list of results.  Some databases have filters that enable you to retrieve peer-reviewed results only.

Other filters may enable you to choose from a database's thesaurus or list of subjects.  You might find it easier to retrieve relevant results if using subject or thesaurus terms.

Databases - top picks

In addition to the databases listed below, search Databases to find all University Libraries subscription databases

Databases and journals

General information about database and journals: