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Education - General Resources

Selected Internet Resources

Statistical Sources

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

Primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education in the U.S. and worldwide.

UNESCO Institute for Statistics

"Global and internationally comparable statistics on education, science, technology, culture, and communication."


This database contains education and learning indicators (including enrollment, expenditure, levels of illiteracy, and literacy rates) for countries throughout the world.

World Bank Open Data - Education

International education information and statistics provided by World Bank.

U.S. Census - Education

"provides information on a variety of educational topics, from educational attainment and school enrollment to school costs and financing."

"This website offers easy access to statistics and reports on children and families, including: population and family characteristics, economic security, health, behavior and social environment, and education."

NCES Annual Reports (IES, U.S. Department of Education)

Data covered includes the condition of U.S. education, the digest of education statistics, indicators of school and crime safety, and projections of education statistics.

Elementary and Secondary Education: An International Perspective (IES, U.S. Department of Education)

Presents information on the U.S. elementary and secondary education system in an international context. Contents include: teacher, student, and classroom characteristics; student achievement; educational resources and expenditures; and labor market and other outcomes.


A project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation. It tracks the status of children in the U.S.

The Nation's Report Card (National Assessment of Educational Progress, U.S. Department of Education)

Includes test results for reading, mathematics, and other subjects included in the testing program; NAEP publications; a glossary of terms; test questions; and more.

Projections of Education Statistics to 2014 (IES, U.S. Department of Education)

Provides projections for key educational statistics, including enrollment, graduates, teachers, and expenditures in elementary and secondary schools, and enrollment, earned degrees conferred, and current-fund expenditures of degree-granting institutions.

School District Demographics System (IES, U.S. Department of Education)

"This application allows users to view summary state and national tables of school district data from the 2000 School District Special Tabulation (STP2)."

The 2011 Statistical Abstract - Education (U.S. Census Bureau)

Provides data on educaional attainment, field of training, school costs, school enrollment, and school districts

The Chronicle of Higher Education - Facts and Figures (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Results of major annual surveys going back to 1995. Surveys include information about faculty, students, administrators, finances, institutional data, and scholarly research.