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IST 605: Jewelry and Culture Significance Across Cultures

Resources that explore the connection between jewelry and culture, and how the two intersect to communicate various meanings within a society.


This is a guide to the historical analysis of jewelry and its role in cultures throughout the world. This guide aims to incorporate a wide variety of cultures and time periods. For comprehension, the sources have been organized by geographic locations throughout the world. The overarching descriptors used are The Americas, Asia and the Pacific Islands, Africa and the Middle East, and Europe. While this guide seeks to be broad, it also is limited in scope. Though this guide is not definitive, it is meant to serve as a starting point for students with access to University at Albany resources. There are a variety of resource types to guide users in their search, including books, articles, websites, and journals. 

Search Terms and Strategies

While doing your own research, using certain search terms can be helpful to find relevant information. While using the recommended databases and journals, the following terms are suggested:

  • Jewelry
    • Earrings
    • Bracelet(s)
    • Necklace(s)
    • Hair Jewelry
  • Culture
  • Customs
  • History

Along with these terms, using Boolean Operators can greatly assist with your search. Boolean Operators include the terms And, Or, & Not. Watch the following video for an introduction to successfully performing a Boolean Search.