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IST 605: Comfort Women

Silence Broken: Korean Comfort Woman

Silence Broken: Korean Comfort Woman ...

Silence Broken: Korean Comfort Women is a documentary written and directed by Dai Sil Kim-Gibson. It combines the testimony of former comfort women demanding justice for the atrocities committed against them with interviews from Japanese soldiers, recruiters, and contemporary scholars who deny that these crimes against humanity happened. This documentary explores how the women had their human dignity taken away from them and they want it restored with an official apology, an admission of moral and legal guilt, and compensation. The Japanese can no longer remain silent due to the testimonies, archival footage, and images brought to light in this 56-minute-long documentary. 


Bennett, C., & Kim-Gibson, D. S. (1999). Silence Broken: Korean Comfort Woman. Center for Asian American Media.

The Apology: Before it's too late

The Apology by Tiffany Hsiung - NFB

The Apology: Before it's too late is a documentary by Tiffany Hsiung. It follows three former "comfort women," Grandma Gil, in South Korea, Grandma Cao in China, and Grandma Adela in the Philippines of the estimated 200,000 women and girls forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. The topic of comfort women is painful with ongoing resistance to talking about such atrocities. As it had been some 70 years since their imprisonment, Grandma Gil, Grandma Cao, and Grandma Adela realize that time is running out to share their experiences as comfort women and the truth about the issue. They share a history that should not be forgotten. The film displays how their experiences have shaped and continue to impact their lives, but they have managed to carry on despite them. Instead of debating the issue, this documentary shows that it is time to move forward with reconciliation, healing, and justice. 


Lee, A., National Film Board of Canada (Producers), & Hsiung, T. (Director). (2016). The Apology: Before it's too late. [Video/DVD] National Film Board of Canada.