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IST 605: Comfort Women

Digital Museum: The comfort women issue and the Asian Women’s Fund

In 1995, the Asian Women's Fund was established to educate the public about the comfort women issue and to compensate the victims. While it closed in 2007, it leaves this Digital Museum remains to continue educating on the issue with testimonies from former comfort women and other original documents. This source is useful to begin your research on the comfort women issue. 

Search Engines

JSTOR may also be a useful search tool 

Keywords to Search

  • "Comfort Woman" 
  • "Comfort Women" 
  • "Comfort Women Stations" 
  • Japanese Sexual Slavery 
  • Nanjing Massacre 

For narrower results 

  • Through Google, you can find links to items talking about interviews or interviews by searching "comfort women" AND interviews and then selecting NEWS under the search bar 
  • Conduct a Google search of "comfort women" and then selecting images, you will find images from distinguished places like Association for Asian Studies. I recommend clicking through to find where the original is displayed as it may provide you with other information 

Helpful Tips

  • Do NOT use Wikipedia. It is not a credible source as multiple people are allowed to edit it and it is not guaranteed that the information has been checked before it has been published. 
  • Use quotation marks to search for a phrase 
  • Utilize Boolean Operators for more accurate results 
  • Use "AND" to narrow down your search results to those that contain your keywords. 
  • Use "OR" to expand your search results to those that contain at least one of your keywords or phrases. 
  • Use "NOT" to limit your search results to those that exclude your keywords or phrases.
  • Be wary of disinformation particularly with people calling it out as something that did not happen. To determine the authority and credibility of information, conduct a simple critical inquiry such as who, what, why, when, where. Where is this information placed? Is it transparent? Is there an about section that describes the mission? Has the page been curated and updated by experts? Does it have references or attribute sources for information presented? Who is publishing and writing the information?