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IST 605: World War II

World War II Research Introduction

Welcome students! Here you will find a list of previewed resources for your research assignments.

This page is to help you with the research process on your World War II projects. You will find specific headings on the left-hand side which may be helpful for your specific research topic. These tabs will help cut down the research time and confusion by having them pre-organized for you. Browse any on the tabs to find resources you may use. These include a variety of specific topics including causes of the war, Hitler and the Holocaust, and the sides of the war. If you find none of these topics pertain to your research topic, you may try browsing the "additional resources" tab. 

Utilizing Search Engines

While using search engines such as Google or Bing can provide great sources, I suggest sticking to databases such as Gale, EBSCO, and JSTOR before looking elsewhere. If using a search engine use these recommendations:

  • Try Google Scholar first, you can narrow results and find accurate information.
  • Avoid Wikipedia! This source can be completed by anyone, which means it does not always contain accurate information. 
  • Always check the site for credibility, look for other resources, citations, and references.