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Word List



Some words are tricky. Here's how to write them (UAlbany Libraries guidance)


archive lowercase unless part of proper name

check in (verb), check-in (noun or adj.)

we will check in the charger and give you a receipt

upon check-in, you will get a receipt

this is the check-in queue (adj.)

check out, check in verb, not hyphenated

checkout, check-in noun or adjective

you can check out a laptop available for 4 hour checkout (noun)

stand in our checkout queue (adj.)

ebook, ebooks lowercase with no hyphen

electronic or e-* or digital: Patrons–especially students–expect most resources to be available on the Web.

Bad: "Online help is available through our chat reference service."
Good: "Visit our chat reference service for help."

email lowercase with no hyphen

faculty, faculty member not capitalized

full text two words, lowercase, not hyphenated

homepage one word

instructor only use faculty if you are just talking about faculty; if you are talking about instructors, which includes graduate teaching assistants, use “instructor”

interlibrary loan lowercase, never ILL

librarian not capitalized, preferred over liaison

library catalog not capitalized; prefer library search / the search tool

library staff member, library staff members not just “library staff"

long-term study carrel lowercase, hyphenated

PhD do not use periods within degree titles and organization titles (e.g., PhD, APA)

service desk, single-use service desk 

sign in not log in unless necessary for consistency

web page referring to a single page of a website; lower-case, two words

website when referring to an entire website; lower-case, one word