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Bad Love Haiku Contest


At last, it's February - that time of year when everyone is seemingly crazy in love. Or are they? Are you alive with the glory of love? Well if you like piña coladas, if you like dancing cheek to cheek, if you would do anything for love, or even if you think you're bad at love or think that love stinks - enter our Bad Love Haiku Contest

We want to read haikus that are so saccharine we get cavities and so cheesy that we feel like we have moved to Wisconsin. This is going to be the best literary contest yet, hands down! So let's play the game of love and get writing! 


  1. Haiku must be original and follow the haiku structure (17 syllables, in three lines of 5, 7, 5)
  2. Haiku must be about love
  3. Haiku must be so bad that it's borderline painful to read (the sappier the better). 

Participants are allowed up to a maximum of three entries - please enter each separately. You must be a current member of the University at Albany Community (faculty/staff/student) to be eligible to win.



Last day to submit a haiku for consideration will be February 23 by 11:59 pm. A winner and runner-up will be chosen by February 28

Winner will be crowned "Bad Love Haiku Laureate" and receive a book of poetry, candy, and a packed University Libraries Swag Bag. The runner-up will receive a University Libraries travel mug and tote bag. 

Questions? Reach out to our Outreach & Marketing Librarian, Amanda Lowe:

Spring 2022 Bad Love Poem Winners

First Place: Sophia Watts, undergraduate, Music & Anthropology 

"My Love Makes Me Sick (Literally)"

I think I’ve fallen in love,

Like an angel you came from above.

Feelings so strong it makes me sick,

But not to worry for I am slick.

Loving you will be a breeze,

Like how the spring winds make me sneeze.

I feel a rush when you pass by,

Almost as if my fever’s high

(Wait, my fever IS high,

That’s not what I had in mind).

Listen I’m not feeling good right now,

I have to cut these words to prose.

But before I leave I must share to you,

My love,

That I’ve written you a lovely haiku:

Love is like the flu

*starts to feel queasy* oh no

Think I’m gonna *puke*

Second Place: Ellen Abbott, Staff Member, University Libraries


I love you more than Garfield loves lasagna

I love lasagna

I want to snuggle with you in layers like lasagna

Let’s go out and get some lasagna

If upon yourself you get some lasagna

I will ask you what’s on ya

And you will kindly respond lasagna

When I’m with you I feel warm like lasagna

I love you just the same as lasagna

But if I have to choose, I choose lasagna

Judge Favorite & Honorable Mention: Bernadette Socha, Staff Member, Music & Theatre 

"An 'I Love You' Haiku" 

How do I woo you? 

Love you so much am cuckoo

Love you till death do ... 



Spring 2023 Winners

Our two prize winners -

First Place: Sarah Crosky, Graduate Student in Counseling Psychology

"Punctuating Us"

well, I dot my i's

and cross my t's but all I

c's are u's and me's

Second Place: Alizah Tariq, MPH Graduate Student, Epidemiology


Two peas in a pod

Circling like yin and yang

Uniting as one


We also have two honorable mentions that we would like to give kudos to!


Honorable Mentions -

Bri Nugent, Undergraduate Student, Art History/Judaic Studies


If I stopped breathing,

would you bring me back to life?

Wake me up inside


Ellen Abbott, Staff Member, University Libraries


Beautiful bright sun

How I love your warmth on me

I envy my cat