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Metaliteracy Badge Course Capstone Project Guide

To assist those completing capstone project for the University at Albany's badged Metaliteracy course.

Consider Your Audience

It is very likely you will find many sources on the topic you select. Selecting two from the first screen's worth is not the best way to proceed. Instead, before you start searching, think about these questions:

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What type of information would they find interesting?
  3. Consider your topic.
  4. What aspects of it might be particularly interesting?
  5. How could you narrow it down when you start to search? (watch the short video below to learn more)


Select Your Search Topic

Avoid Research Anxiety!

Stress Free Zone

stress free zone

Search for Sources Efficiently

You will save yourself lots of time and stress by learning the best way to go about searching, for this and future projects. Before you access a database to start your research, watch the following short tutorials:

Keyword Searching Tutorial: While this uses the Libraries’ search tool rather than Academic Search Complete, the information presented applies equally to any database you search.

Working with Scholarly Article Tutorials: These let you check your knowledge as you complete the tutorials.

Part 1: What is a Scholarly Article

Part 2: Reading a Scholarly Article

Part 3: Finding and Identifying Scholarly Articles