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Bitmoji Trading Card Tool Kit

A tool kit to start your own Bitmoji trading cards

Tool Kit

Bitmojis are popular cartoon avatars that are highly recognizable among college-aged adults in the US. They are easy to create and can be used digitally or in print. Use this tool kit to plan your own set of library Bitmoji trading cards.

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What you need...

Ready to bring Bitmoji trading cards to your library? Here is what you need to get started:

1. Bitmoji App ​

Download the Bitmoji app or add the Chrome extension to your browser. The current app version features Btmoji Deluxe, which includes more options to customize your character and lets you take a selfie as a reference photo while designing the character.

2. Photo Editing Software​

We used Photoshop! But you can also work with Gimp or Canva.

3. Publishing Software ​

MS Publisher, etc

4. Printer​

We print in color on Cover Stock, Glossy.

5. Paper Cutter​

Scissors are not recommended for any batches of 6 or more cards (ouch!)  We cut to 2.5”w x 3.5”h using a large scale paper-cutter.

6. Helpful Library Staff!​

You will want the help of your library colleagues to collect Bitmoji designs and work out contact information and fun facts for the back of your trading cards.

Download our trading card template

Download our template and start editing. You can add your own Bitmoji, tagline, contact info and logo.


Bitmoji Buttons

The first draft of Bitmoji cards designed for a pilot program.

bitmoji buttons

Bitmoji buttons created for library tabling events.

bitmoji cards

In-house printed Bitmoji cards. The final draft of cards after working on size, color and design.

Bitmoji cards for library marketing

Bitmoji cards on display at tabling events.

bitmoji cards at a tabling event

Bitmoji cards on display at tabling events.