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Criminal Justice

The University Libraries collection of Criminal Justice materials supports undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. level degree programs and faculty research. The School of Criminal Justice is academically unique in that it is structured around a problem rather than a discipline. It is also interdisciplinary, focusing on the "study of all aspects of crime and society's reaction to crime through law, police, prosecution, courts, correctional institutions, parole, probation and prevention problems."

The major emphasis of study is research on crime measurement and causation, as well as research into questions of appropriate and effective methods of crime control in a democratic society. All types of crime and juvenile delinquency are the focus of study, and a total systems approach is utilized to analyze, assess, and suggest changes in our crime control system. Particular emphasis is placed on looking at the many agencies which comprise criminal justice systems and the relationships between these systems and other facets of society. The curriculum stresses the integration of legal and social sciences approaches.

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