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IST 605: Sports in America

Resources related to sports and sports history in America

Welcome and Introduction!

The purpose of this library guide is to provide UAlbany library users with resources that provide a history of sports that mostly take place in the United States of America. Additionally, users will also learn about several search terms they themselves can use if they wish to seek out additional information. 

Click on the general overview tab to access articles and videos that provide a history of several sports at once. Click on the sport-specific tab to learn about the history of one specific sport. If you wish to gain a truly thorough and in-depth understanding of the history of sports, please click on the books tab. The database tab provides several databases that any patron can use for more in-depth knowledge on a sport’s history and statistics. 

Patrons are welcomed and encouraged to use any resources they wish for personal, professional, or academic use. There is a citations tab that offers an APA citation of all resources for your use. Additionally, patrons will see some recommended keyword/search terms they can use to discover additional resources not included in this guide.