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IST 605: Cats vs. Dogs

Are you a Cat or Dog Person? Both well loved species have fan clubs. Which club would you align with? Learn about both creatures and then decide.

Cats VS Dogs









Each species has their own particular strengths and challenges.  Once a person becomes a cat or dog lover it is hard to convince them to switch fan clubs. In which fan club do you belong?  This libguide will provide resources to help pick a side or perhaps switch your alliance.  Both cats and dogs have evolved from wild ancestors and relatives.  Resources are curated to help learners investigate their history and how they changed to live with humans.  There are many kinds of breeds in both dog and cat families.  Cats and dogs come in various sizes, shapes, and colors.  Some don't have tails or fur.  Both cats and dogs help people.  The benefits of living and loving these creatures have been researched as well.  Are they always enemies? Which one can see or hear better?  Which one is more intelligent? Explore the databases, videos, and articles that compare and contrast two of the most loved animal species in our world.  Cats and dogs make perfect characters and can be read about in all genres of fiction.

Search Strategies

The topics of cats and dogs will generate many sources of information.  Databases, breed encyclopedias, and documentaries can be used to find more detailed information.


Search Terms:

  • dog breeds
  • domesticated cats
  • canine family
  • feline family
  • service dogs
  • pet therapy


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