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IST 605: Mental Health Resources


          This is a research guide dedicated to giving a comprehensive list of resources for those looking for information around mental health, but have no idea where to start. This is intended for young adult and adult library patrons looking for resources to learn more and take control of their own mental health care. Using a variety of resources including books, articles, videos intended for beginners, this guide is meant to give the basics including how and when to look for a therapist, different modalities of mental health care, grief, mental health and social justice, interpersonal relationships, and positive psychology. Ideally, this guide is a starting point for building skills and a knowledge base for caring for one’s mental health for life in and out of crisis.


Helpful search tips for finding further resources both online and in your local library can be found in the boxes to the left of the main guide. 

Getting Started- Overview Resources

NAMI, or the National Alliance on Mental Illness is an organization dedicated to advocating for the education and care of mental illness across the world. Their website is rich with many resources for a large number of mental health related questions and concerns. However, their mental health basics section is a great place to start for a complete beginner to the subject area. It includes links to find one of their classes near you, online discussion groups, a video library, podcasts and webinars.  

"You Are Not Alone" by Ken Duckworth is a book that is also published by NAMI, intended to give readers the basics of learning about, coping with, and seeking treatment for ones mental health as well as supporting loved ones experiencing mental health issues. It includes the perspectives of both professionals and those experiencing mental health issues or illnesses. It's a great resource, especially for those who don't have access to one of NAMI's classes. 

PsycINFO is a database that gives access to full text articles in the field of psychology. It also includes adjacent fields such as psychiatry and sociology. This database is an excellent resource for those looking for latest and up-to-date research on their mental health concerns. 

The National Institute for Mental Health, or the NIH has a plethora of recourses related to the most current research surrounding mental health. However, their News and Events section is particularly easily accessible to newcomers to learning about mental health. Here one can find easy to digest podcasts, videos and articles related to the current research as well as links to social media accounts. 

This article researches the issue of digital mental health and the issues of accessibility that come with it. it is a great resource to gain a basic understanding of what digital mental health is. It also with give the reader an introduction into the issues of accessibility that arise in the mental health field, using mental health apps as an example. 

Treatment and Therapy

Psychology Today is a popular psychology website and magazine. On their website, they have a search engine that allows one to easily find a therapist in their area, and even narrow to search by only showing professionals with that take the insurance you want, has the credentials one want's , and the specific specializations and type of therapy one wants. It also gives descriptions of what those things mean. 

This book is written by a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist on navigating the world of mental health care. It is written in an easy to digest manner for those trying to reach out for the first time to learn the difference between types of therapists, types of therapy and addresses the author's most common questions surrounding mental health and treatment. 

This is the website for the Trauma-Informed Care Resource Center. This website contains a plethora of crucial information and resources for anyone looking to gain an understanding of mental health and the current direction the field is going in. Here, there are resources to understand what trauma is, what trauma-informed care is, and how to put its principles into action. 

Interpersonal Relationships

This is another book written by a licensed therapist. It focuses on an aspect of mental health that is often a hot button issue- boundary setting. While this issue is widely discussed in pop culture, many people don't know what it means or how to implement it. This book gives information and exercises for people to create healthier relationships across all areas of their lives. 

The website for the National Network to End Domestic Violence is a great starting point resource for those wanting to learn about abuse. Particularly the "About DV" section and the Resource Library includes excellent educational information for beginners to the topic. Although the organization's focus is on domestic violence, the information will give an understanding to abuse more generally. 

Mental Health & Social Justice

This is an open access, academic article that gives an overview on the relationship between social justice and mental health. It both addresses the issue of discrimination and stigma against mentally ill people as well as bias within the mental health field. It also addresses the topic of social responsibility for mental health care in addition to individual responsibility. 

This website offers a directory for finding LGBT+ therapists of color, providing a more specialized version of Psychology Today's Find a Therapist feature. It also includes a "Healing Justice" section which offers great introductory information to those looking to learn more about the intersection between mental health and justice. It also includes a directory full of resources for finding therapy and support on the basis of several specialized needs, including help lines, support groups, therapist, and finding therapy at a highly reduced rate. 

This is a website and podcast created by a licensed psychologist. It is a resource centered around community healing and creating room for those struggling with mental health problems that are also part of a marginalized group that's often overlooked by the wider mental health field. 

A beginner's guide to mindfulness and mediation through the lens of social and racial justice, specifically written with black people and people of color broadly in mind. The author educations from their training in mediation and mindfulness practices as well as personal experience. Not only is this book a great resource for learning about the intersection of mental health and social justice, but learning the basics of what mindfulness is and how it can improve one's own mental wellbeing. 

A informative book written on the recent phenomenon of climate anxiety by two clinical psychologists, one of which is specialized in climate psychology. This book is an informative read on what climate anxiety is and how to cope with it. It also delves into the crossover between mental health and climate justice, and how taking action against injustice or inequalities can benefit one's mental wellbeing. 

Grief & Death

This website is curated by therapists that specialize in grief. It has a wide range of articles on all different kinds of grief. They also have directories to direct viewers to different kinds of therapy and support groups that they may be looking for. This is a great starting point resource for those looking for basic information on getting support for grief. 

This is a book written by a grief and death researcher and educator and gives an introductory understanding to grief. The author uses their perspective as an academic as well as a Zen priest, offering a spiritual perspective on this mental health issue. This is a great resource for those looking to either gain a basic understanding of grief or someone looking to be helped through their grieving process.

This is a book written by a mortician delving into attitudes and customs surrounding death around the world. It offers information on grief for those looking to delve further into the topic. In addition to grief, it also addresses the topic of death positivity. It's a great resource for gaining an understanding around how our cultural views on death affect our mental health and how we experience grief. 

Positive Psychology

This is a collection from the University of Pennsylvania that includes resources on various topics within positive psychology. Here you can find books, research articles, podcasts and more related to this topic. This is a great starting point for those looking to learn about mental health beyond treating illness and into what "wellness" and "happiness" really means. 

This is an encyclopedia that gives comprehensive information on all topic areas in positive psychology. It includes up-to-date research in the field as of its publication in 2016. This is an excellent reference resource for anyone trying to delve deeper into certain aspects of positive psychology. 


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