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IST 605: History of Photography

technological innovations, global, and art histories of photography

This clip from the movie Funny Face is a fun look at how portrait and fashion photography were influenced to be more of an art form. Funny Face is adapted from a broadway musical. The Main character Dick Avery is loosely based in Richard Avedon, the famous portrait photographer who worked in fashion and was a big part of influencing this change in thinking

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To learn more about Richard Avedon there is also this great article from Smithsonian Magazine, and a biography written about Avedon, "What Becomes a Legend Most: The Biography of Richard Avedon"

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Photography as Art

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There is also an article that goes with/came out of this podcast episode. In the video they go into more depth, but both the article and the podcast episode go through the movements of photography throughout the history. They touch on abstract, surreal, and documentary photography; as well as fashion, modern, and street photography. 

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B&H presenter condenses what is normally a six week class into a two hour presentation where she goes through what she points out as the six most relevant movements in photography. some of these movements are photography specific, meaning they will only be a part of the history of photography, and some of the movements are not exclusive to photography and show up across all of the history of art. The six movements discussed here are: Pictorialism/Photo Secession; Straight Photography; Russian Constructivism/Surrealism/Dada; California Modernists; Abstract; New Social Landscape/Postmodernism. 

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Though this is not an authoritative list, it is a good comprehensive look at some of the most influential photographers. There is some overlap with influential inventors of photographic processes. 

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