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CIST-605: Information Sources and Services: Research Guides

IST 605: LGBTQIA+ Representation in Children's Literature

Resources for public and school librarians, educators, university students, and others interested in the importance of LGBTQIA+ representation in children's and middle grade literature.

Using Databases

Databases allow you to search for articles, papers, encyclopedia entries, and more related to your topic. Databases specific to LGBTQIA+ resources and general literature databases will be helpful in searching for resources on this topic. Recommended search terms include "children's literature," "children's picture books," "children's books," "picture books," "middle grade books," "middle grade literature," "LGBTQ," and "LGBTQ representation." Use Boolean operators to differentiate, combine, and exclude certain key words and phrases from your search.

Key Databases


This is a collaborative space between the University at Albany Libraries and the CECH Information Science & Technology program, where students in CIST-605 get hands-on experience creating pathfinders/guides as part of their coursework.