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Library and Information Science

Accessing Books

Books may be located using the Libraries' Discovery Tool.  Most books related to Library and Information Science are located at the Dewey Graduate Library.  Some related materials will also be found at the University Library, this is indicated in the Discovery Tool record. Materials from the uptown campus may be retrieved by using the UA Document Delivery service. Using this service, students and faculty can ask that books be transferred from the University or Science Libraries to be picked up at Dewey. Print journal articles can be scanned and made accessible online, as well.

When using the Libraries Discovery tool, you may either search for a known item by title or author or search for materials on a given topic.In addition to searching for keywords that may appear in a book's title, you may wish to consider searching by Library of Congress Subject Headings. The list at includes common subject headings for Library and Information Science materials.

Books of Interest