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A-Z Databases

Find the best library databases for your research.


New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
A full-text database of Chinese academic resources, covers literature, history, philosophy and other professional academic materials, divided into two categories: periodicals and monographs.
Academic journals include: "wen shi", "Yanjing Journal", "Yugong", "li shi yu yan yan jiu ji kan", "Peking University Chinese Ancient History Research Center Series", "Fudan wen shi zhuan kan", etc.;
Academic works include: "Cen Zhongmian zhu zuo ji", "Wang Shumin zhu zuo ji", "He Zi quan wen ji", "Tang Changru wen ji", "Wang Zhongluo zhu zuo ji", "Gu Jiegang quan ji", "Meng Sen zhu zuo ji", "Huang Yongnian wen ji", "San song tang quan ji" "Zhang Dainian quan ji", "Chen Guying zhu zuo ji", "Wang Li quan ji", "Chen Mengjia zhu zuo ji", etc.

A professional stone carving resource database integrates stone carving documents of various periods, regions and types, and continuously updates the latest academic research trends in recent years, assembling historical materials and academic achievements. Currently online:
"San Jin Stone Carvings Database"
"Liu Chao Stone Inscription Database"
"Tang Tomb Inscriptions Database"
"Song Tomb Inscriptions Database. I" "Song Tomb Inscriptions Database. II"

The largest Chinese ancient books full-text database for now, designed by ancient books experts in China and Japan.
It includes the contents of over 35,000 kinds of ancient books, amounts to the volume of 8 billion characters, involving Chinese and Japanese historical, political, economic, religious, philosophic, literary, ethnic and geographic documents. Therefore, Diaolong will enormously enrich your comprehensive library collection.

主要子库如:道藏, 永乐大典, 四部丛刊, 四库全书 (全四库系列), 中国地方志, 清代史料, 敦煌史料, 六府文藏, 日本古典书籍, 古今图书集成, 清代科举硃卷, 中国民间文学, 金石库, 医家库等。