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WCI Information Literacy Resources

Information about this Guide

This guide is designed as a navigation aid for WCI instructors to the rich resources provided by the Information Literacy Department of the University Libraries. 

These curated resources and tutorials are designed for use in a variety of ways: in flipped classrooms, as in-class discussion starters, and as self-directed learning tools. 

This home page provides information for WCI instructors on diverse learning tools--those applicable to instructors themselves, overviews of rich online learning tools from which to select appropriate content, and features of existing resources that suit the teaching and learning needs of WCI courses.

Resources for Students

Resources for Faculty Members


What does it mean when a note indicates that a tutorial can be taken for credit? How do students receive credit for completing a tutorial? 

The library offers a number of video tutorials that can be completed for credit as an assignment. At the end of the tutorial, students will see a button asking them to indicate that they are completing the tutorial for a class.  When they click the button, they will be taken to a form where they will fill out their name and e-mail address as well as the name and e-mail address of their instructor and some additional information about what they learned from the tutorial. Once the form is submitted, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to both the student and their instructor. Both the student and the instructor should keep these confirmation e-mails for their records. This form will serve as proof that the student completed the assignment. Please keep in mind that the library does not track this information and cannot provide records for students who have completed the tutorials.

Is there a list of all the resources made available by the Information Literacy Department? 

Yes, there is! It is searchable and arranged alphabetically. You may also want to explore the Tutorials page for a complete list of our "how-to" resources.

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Which library faculty member is the liaison to the WCI Program? 

Kelsey O'Brien, Information Literacy Librarian, is the liaison for WCI. Please feel free to reach out to her using the contact form on this guide. You are also welcome to provide your feedback on WCI information literacy resources.

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