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Finding Sources for a Research Assignment: Home



The purpose of this guide is to help you find resources for your research assignment.

Here, you will find information on how to identify, search for, use, and cite a variety of sources you may need.

First, decide which type of source you need for your assignment. Choose that type of source from the above tabs and you will see the following options:

  • The Introduction will give you information on why your instructor might ask you to use that particular type of source for your research. 
  • The What to Look For option will help you identify qualities to look for in each type of source.
  • The Finding Sources option will help you decide which tools and resources to use to find your source.
  • The Citing Sources option will give you advice on how to cite a particular type of source.

Researching 101

The Researching 101 tutorial will help you get started with your research.

What Types of Sources Do I Need?

Books and encyclopedias and websites, oh my!

How do you know which type of source you need?

  • Check your assignment -- your instructor may have specified the types of sources you will need.
  • Use your topic -- the topic you are researching may help you decide.

  • Consult a librarian -- visit or contact the Reference Desk for advice from a librarian.

Contact the Reference Desk For Help

~For the most updated reference desk hours, click here.~