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Internet Resources in Classical Studies: Maps and Atlases

Maps and Atlases

Additional sources of maps include search engines and Internet subject directories, such as Google and Yahoo. Click on "Images" and enter search terms, such as, "Cyprus maps," "Greece maps," or "Rome maps."

Ancient Map Web List

(J.Siebold) Access to image files of maps from 6200 B.C. to 565 A.D.

Atlas historique périodique/European Historical Atlas.

(Christos Nüssli, EURATLAS.COM, Yverdon, Switzerland) Source of maps of Europe from 1 A.D. to 2000 A.D.. Includes a collection of maps of Roman battles, a cartographical bibliography, city maps of Rome and Constantinople, topographical maps of selected portions of the ancient world, selected maps of the Interactive Ancient Mediterranean Project, maps of the Roman empire, and more. Versions available in French and English.

Cartographic Images Home Page

Includes ancient maps, medieval maps, and renaissance maps, as well as links to a large collection of cartographic Web sites.

Historical Map Web Sites

(Perry Castaneda Historical Map Collection, University of Texas) A large selection of Web sites of historical maps; arranged in geographical categories.

OSSHE Historical and Cultural Atlas Resource; Europe Map Archive

(University of Oregon) Makes available maps of natural resources and trade, political change and structure, cities, empires, sanctuaries, and more. The Map archive covers the Mediterranean region, the Ancient Near East, Classical Greece, the Hellenistic world, the Roman Republic, the Principate and Empire, and Late Antiquity & Early Medieval.

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

(University of Texas Libraries, Austin) Source of maps of Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, and more.