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Internet Resources in Classical Studies: Image Files

Image Files

Additional image files can be found by using search engines and Internet subject directories, such as Google and Yahoo. Click on "Images" and enter place names such as, "Cyprus," "Greece," or "Rome" with words such as "art," "architecture," "antiquities," or "ancient."

Europe Image Library - OSSHEE Historic & Cultural Atlas Resource

(John Nicols, University of Oregon) Pictures are grouped in categories named urban, economy, water, religion, landscape, and miscellaneous.

The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

(University of Michigan) Click on "Galleries" for pictures from past and present exhibitions, and samples from the museum collections including the Greek & Roman Gallery, the Egyptian & Near Eastern Gallery, and coins not currently on display.

The Virtual Egyptian Museum

(California Institute of World Archaeology, Georges Ricard, Ph.D., Curator) Cybertour with images, commentaries, and bibliographies.