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Internet Resources in Classical Studies: Diverse Subject Collections

Diverse Subject Collections

Sites that provide diversity of both subject and type of material, e.g. primary and secondary sources.

Alcove 9: An Annotated list of Reference Web sites: Classical and Medieval History

(United States Library of Congress) Links to various Internet resources arranged in alphabetical order.

Electronic Resources for Classicists: The Second Generation

(Maria C. Pantelia, University of California, Irvine) Large collection of Internet resources. A table of contents and annotations help to guide the user.; Classics Web Sites

(David Wilson-Okamura) Provides links to a selective list of resources as well as information on the lives and works of Virgil, Caesar, and others. Offers access to Latin language bibliographies, maps, and more.

Voice of the Shuttle: Web Site for Humanities Research

(Alan Liu, English Department, University of California, Santa Barbara) An extensive site providing links to Web resources in Classical Studies. Perform a keyword search or click on a subject such as: Archaeology, Art History, or Classical Studies from the Contents list.