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Internet Resources in Classical Studies: Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, and Rome


Cyprus - A Country Study

(U.S. Library of Congress, Area Handbook Series) Principal focus is on contemporary Cyprus, but Chapter 1 covers historical material as well.

Cyprus American Archeological Research Institute

(Nicosia, Cyprus) Describes the programs, collections, and educational opportuities offered by the Institute.

Kypros-Net; The World of Cyprus

(Andreas Theodosiades) Offers searching by subject categories and keywords. Provides access Eureka! The Indexer of Cyprus. Includes bibliographies of works about Cyprus, links to interesting Web sites, dictionaries, currency exchange rates, and more.

Styppax - An Academic Resource for the Study of Cypriote Sculpture

(Derek B. Counts, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) Includes four parts: Bibliography, Discourse, Maps, and Images and Links of Interest.


Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Egypt

Search subject categories such as: Egyptian History, Religion, Art and Architecture, and more.

Nova Online/ Pyramids - The Inside Story

(Public Broadcasting System) Click on "Table of Contents" for links to information about individual pyramids, excavations, and more.


The Ancient City of Athens

(Kevin Glowacki) A photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens accompanied by narrative material, bibliographic references, and links to recommended Web sites.


De Imperatoribus Romanis: An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors

(Richard D. Weigel, Salve Regina University) The encyclopedia consists of (1) an index of all the emperors who ruled during the empire's 1500 years, (2) biographical essays on the individual emperors, (3) family trees ("stemmata") of important imperial dynasties, (4) an index of significant battles in the empire's history, (5) capsule descriptions and maps of these battles, and (6) maps of the empire at different times. Wherever possible, these materials are cross-referenced by live links. These contents are supplemented by an ancient and medieval atlas, a link to a virtual catalog of Roman coins, and links to other related sites.

FLTeach; Foreign Language Teaching Forum

(Jean W. LeLoup and Robert Ponterio, State University of New York College at Cortland) Select "Latin" for access to useful Internet resources for teaching Latin.

Lacus Curtius: Into the Roman World

(Bill Thayer) Interesting site with links to various resources including the texts of complete Latin works from Pliny the Elder, Frontinus, Vitruvius, Quintus Curtius, Macrobius, Censorinus, and Cassius Dio; William Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities; Samuel Ball Platner's Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome (as revised by Thomas Ashby in 1929); Pagan and Christian Rome by Rodolfo Lanciani; a list of Web sites on the history, art, and literature of ancient Rome; and more.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Rome

Internet resources on ancient Roman history, religion, art, literature, and more