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Internet Resources in Classical Studies: Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations

Sites that provide resources on the history and culture of Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and more.

The Classics Pages

(Andrew Wilson) "News, information, games, and controversy about the life, literature, art, and archaeology of the ancient world of Greece & Rome."

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

(Paul Halsall, Fordham University) An enormous resource for locating full texts and Web sites of primary and secondary sources in a wide variety of fields including: Human Origins, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, Israel, Greece, Hellenistic World, Rome, Late Antiquity, and Christian Origins. An opening section, Studying History, presents an overview. Also includes a useful search page to guide users in searching the Internet for historical material. For materials added since July 1998, click on "Additions."

Nestor; Bibliography of Aegean Prehistory and Related Areas

(John Wallrodt, University of Cincinatti; Carol Hershenson, Ed.) Searchable database with references to articles and books on the Aegean, including Greece, Albania, the southern coast of Bulgaria, the western and southern coasts of Turkey, and Cyprus. Includes the online version of the International Directory of Aegean Prehistorians (IDAP) as well as links to Web sites with information of interest to Aegean prehistorians.

The Perseus Digital Library

(Gregory Crane, Editor-in-Chief, Tufts University) Primary and secondary sources on Greek and Latin, Classics, Archaeology, and Papyri. Keyword searching and a guide to the contents facilitate access to broad or specific subjects. Includes Platner and Ashby's Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome, texts by classical authors, and more.

War and Peace in Classical Antiquity

(Rob S. Rice, University of Pennsylvania) An unannotated bibliography of books and articles compiled in 1996.

WWW-VL History Central Catalogue

(Serge Noiret, & Inaki Lopez Martin, European University Institute, Florence, Italy) A vast site offering many topics. Linked sites are grouped under four headings: 1. Research: Methods and Materials, 2. History by Topics, 3. History by Countries and Regions, 4. History by Eras and Epochs. Keyword searching is also offered.