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Geology Guide to Web Sources: Earthquakes


Earthquake Bulletin. Near-real-time bulletin gives information on recent activity by date, time, latitude, longitude, depth, & magnitude .


Earthquake Information - Reducing Earthquake Hazards. This site contains the latest quake data and hazards & preparedness information along with earthquake FAQs & resources.


Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program. Offers data and maps for global/regional seismic activity.


National Earthquake Information Center - Current Earthquake Information. NEIC provides information on current earthquakes, including maps, data, fast moment solutions, & links to detailed textual and graphical resources.


National Information Center for Earthquake Engineering. Frequently-updated and well-organized site on all aspects of earthquake engineering from UC Berkeley.


Seismosufing the Internet for Earthquake Data. Steve Malone provides this extensive list of web pages on earthquake data, broken down by region of the world.


Virtual Earthquake. An interactive computer program designed to introduce the concepts of how an earthquake epicenter is located & how the Richter magnitude of an earthquake is determined.


The World-Wide Earthquake Locator. Access up-to-the-minute information on earthquakes around the world.


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