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Geology Guide to Web Sources: Courses & Tutorials


Geology Labs Online. Programs which model various geological phenomena, including river flooding, earthquakes, and radiocarbon dating.


Fundamentals of Remote Sensing. Basic overview of remote sensing technology and applications from the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing.


Igneous Rock Tour. An introduction to igneous rocks with explanatory text & images of small samples and rock outcrops in their natural settings


A Method for the Assessment of the Significance of Geological Sites.  Provides a procedure for evaluation & comparison of geological sites; a questionnaires helps determine geological significance, degree of threat, & educational/interpretive value.


The Remote Sensing Tutorial. Shows how remote sensing is applied to studying the land, sea, & air making up the Earth's environments.


This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics. Online book includes historical perspective, developing the theory, understanding plate motions, mantle thermal plumes, & plate tectonics and people.

World Lecture Hall: Earth Science. Database of online course materials, offering materials in the Earth Sciences.



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