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Biological Sciences: A Guide to Web Resources: Botany


The Families of Flowering Plants

Provides detailed character descriptions, taxonomic information, references, & line illustrations of all the Angiosperm families.

Flora of North America

A project undertaken to provide authoritative, up-to-date information on the names, relationships, characteristics, & distributions of over 21,000 species of plants that grow outside of cultivation in North America north of Mexico; the major product being produced is a comprehensive set of taxonomic treatments for all North American plant species and infraspecific taxa; these treatments are published on this Web site & as a 30-volume set published by Oxford University Press.

Global Compendium of Weeds

The Global Compendium of Weeds is a list of 28,000 named plant species that have been cited as weeds. The list of weeds may be browsed, and is arranged by the first letter of the genus name. The species profiles include the data source, synonyms, status, origin, and sometimes native range and reported medicinal/herbal uses.

Index Nominum Genericorum

A Collaborative project of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy (IAPT) and the Smithsonian Institution, that brings all generic names of plants together in a single list. This searchable database includes bibliographic citations as well as information about the "typification and nomenclatural status" of generic names.

The International Plant Names Index

Based on the Index Kewensis (IK), the Gray Card Index (GCI) and the Australian Plant Names Index (APNI); for every known flowering plant, IPNI provides the plant's official scientific name as well as a citation of the journal article or book in which the discovery of the species was recorded.

International Field Guides

International Field Guides contains a searchable database to field guides for plants, animals, and other objects in North America and around the world. It may also be browsed by by type of organism and region covered. This site was created by Diane Schmidt, Biology Librarian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

IOPI Database of Plant Databases (DPD)

Compiled by the International Organization for Plant Information, the DPD is a global list of plant databases including taxonomic databases, collection catalogs, & DELTA datasets.

Medicinal Plants of the World: Chemical Constituents, Traditional, and Modern Medicinal UsesAccessible to University at Albany users only

This encyclopedic work covers the medicinal uses for plants from around the world. It includes illustrations and descriptions of each plant, all of which are cross-referenced. It also contains the plant's chemical constituents and usage.


Developed and funded by the Beilstein Institute and the Institute for Information Technology at the University Klagenfurt (Austria), MedPhyt is a database containing information about plants of medicinal and pharmaceutical interest. Initially, it will contain data on European plants. Plants from other continents will be added later. MedPhyt is freely available, but registration is required. English and German versions are available.

Plants Database

A single source containing information about the approximately 45,000 currently recognized plant taxa, both vascular and nonvascular, known to occur as native or naturalized species within the boundaries of the U.S., including territories. It is searchable by family or genus as well as by state. Retrieved items may contain taxonomic information, synonyms, a coarse distribution map, and references.

Vascular Plant Type Catalog

An online catalog of more than 67,000 vascular plant type specimens that are housed at the New York Botanical Garden; searable and browsable.

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