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Biological Sciences: A Guide to Web Resources: Biodiversity/Phylogeny


Biodiversity Hotspots

From Conservation International, Biodiversity Hotspots highlights 25 critically threatened ecosystems (hotspots) around the world. Its purpose is to focus on areas where biodiversity is at greatest risk. Information includes an overview, unique biodiversity, human impacts, conservation actions, and in depth information. There is also an outline map, a reading list, and related links.

EMAN-Recommended Monitoring Protocols

The Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network (EMAN) provides recommended protocols for monitoring species of freshwater, marine, & terrestrial ecosystems.

The Gap Analysis Program

The goal of the GAP Program is to collect and integrate many levels of biological, physical, and policy information on a large scale, in order to identify gaps in current resource management plans.

NBN (National Biodiversity Network) Gateway

After registering, users can access a large variety of datasets that can be navigated by species name or site location. Results also allow users to view 10km distribution maps of the selected species.

The Tree of Life

A site designed to contain information about the phylogenetic relationships and characteristics of organisms, to illustrate the diversity and unity of living organisms, and to link biological information available on the Internet in the form of a phylogenetic navigator.

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