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Internet Resources in Philosophy: General


Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts

Browse in Alex by title, author, or date. Documents retrieved are public domain and include literature and philosophy. Look here for online texts.

Principia Cybernetica Project (PCP)

This site contains information, articles, and links to various topics in philosophy. The focus seems to be on more modern trends in philosophy, crossing over into areas such as cognitive science and AI. Not all links work, but check under "What's New" to see a list of the most recently added content. This may be a site worth looking at for researchers interested in modern philosophical thought.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Essays in this online encyclopedia are written by experts or a group of experts from the field. The work is "dynamic," and is, therefore, incomplete. New entries are still being added, however. Entries look to be of substantial length. This may be a good place to start research or to find a brief overview of a philosophy-related topic.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Find relevent articles by clicking on a letter in the index. Articles vary in length. Some are quite substantial. This also looks like another good place to start research.

Online Papers in Philosophy

This site reports on changes to webpages hosting philosophical papers. You can also search the site by keyword; search results are displayed in order of the date in which the reference was posted on the site. The site's slogan is "You think, we link."

The Paideia Project On-Line

View papers published at the 20th Century World Conference of Philosophy. Papers are arranged topically. Topics include Philosophy of Mathematics, Contemporary Philosophy, Human Rights, Ancient Philosophy, and others.

The Online Books Page

This site offers access to online texts. Search by title, author, or subject. Features included Banned Books Online, A Celebration of Women Writers, and Prize Winners Online. Archives are available and include foreign language materials.

Philpapers: online research in philosophy

Philpapers is a comprehensive directory of online philosophy articles and books by academic philosophers. They monitor journals in many areas of philosophy, as well as archives and personal pages. They also accept articles directly from users who can provide links or upload copies. This site is primarily for professional philosophers and graduate students but available to anyone interested in philosophy.