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Chemistry: A Guide to Non-Library Web Resources: Courses & Tutorials

Courses, Lectures, and Tutorials

The Analytical Sciences Digital Library (ASDL)

ASDL contains materials supporting educational and learning aspects of chemical measurement and instrumentation. All materials cited are peer-reviewed; the site may be browsed or searched.

Atomic Orbitals

Using the Chime plug-in, this tutorial helps users visualize the atomic orbitals.

Carbohydrate Chemistry & Glycobiology: A Web Tour

Special Web Supplement to Science Magazine is an excellent starting point for students of carbohydrate chemistry or organic chemistry in general. Richly linked to both basic and more specialized resources.

Chemical Information Sources (CIS) Wiki

CIS Wiki is guide and tutorial about reference materials related to chemistry. It is based on the lecture notes for a course taught by Gary Wiggins at Indiana University as well as the text he authored, Chemical Information Sources [Science QD 8.5 W54 1991]. As a Wiki, "it is intended to be an open source work, to which anyone with the knowledge and desire to improve it can contribute."

Chemical Safety Videos:
  • Dow Lab Safety Academy from Dow Chemical, it contains a "digital learning environment that shares Dow's best-in-class industrial safety culture and practices in a quick and accessible format." It includes 4 modules:  Orientation & Training; Specialized Topics; Plan, Evaluate, Execute, and Sustainable Safety Culture.  Users must agree to a disclaimer agreement.
  • Laboratory Safety Videos from UC San Diego.
Chemist's Art Gallery

This gallery contains chemistry visualizations and animations, including distributions of counterions around DNA, micelles, small molecule diffusion in polymers, and solvation structures in liquid mixtures.

Chemistry Animations and Movies on the World Wide Web

Chemical reactions, experiments, and lectures by eminent chemists are among the animations and movies listed and linked to on this site.

Chemistry-Based QuickTime, Shockwave Flash, GIF Animations, and Streaming Audio

Covering capillary electrophoresis, spectroscopy, chromatography, chemiluminescence, and other chemistry-related subjects, this site is a gateway to dozens of visualization and learning tools.

Chemistry Hypermedia Project. 

Several chemistry tutorials.

Combinatorial Chemistry Review

Combinatorial Chemistry Review provides an overview of combinatorial chemistry, including solid-phase synthesis, solution-phase synthesis, and applications. There is also a glossary and links to combinatorial chemistry Web sites.

Crystallography Tutorial

This Web site from UCLA contains software tutorials to help researchers and students determine their crystal structures.

Dave Young's Chemical Topics

Articles on computational chemistry ranging from undergraduate to graduate level.

e-Crystallography Course

This is an interactive course on basic crystallography concepts

InChI Videos

Developed by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), InChI is an abbreviation for International Chemical Identifier.  It is a textural identifier for chemical substances, machine and human readable, and provides a means to search for chemical substances on the Web and  in databases.  These YouTube videos on the InChI Trust Channel describe InChI and its uses.

Khan Academy:  Chemistry

Among the thousands of educational videos in the Khan Academy are videos dealing with introductory Chemistry topics like electron configuration, ionic, covalent, & metallic bonds, balancing equations, stoichiometry, ideal gas equation, solubility, and Gibbs free energy.    There is also a Organic Chemistry section.

Learning Chemistry:  Enhancing Learning and Teaching

From the Royal Society of Chemistry, this website contains videos on chemistry lab methods.


A polymer & polymer science tutorial.

Monomer Chem's Name Reaction List

From Monomer Laboratories, this Web page lists some of most important name reactions in organic chemistry. Each reaction links to an illustration of the reaction process.

Organic Chemistry Help!

"Chem Helper" contains several pages to help undergraduate organic chemistry students, including tutorials and "quick 'n dirty" help guides, explanations of some the most important organic chemistry mechanisms, practice tests, and laboratory help.

The Organometallic HyperTextBook

An excellent resource for learning or reviewing organometallic chemistry.

Peptide Guide

This resources provides a basic introduction to the field of peptide chemistry along with some applications of peptides. It includes an overview of amino acids, a protein builder that constructs text representations for simple peptides and proteins, a peptide mass calculator, and a glossary as well as information about bonds and synthesis.

The Periodic Table of Videos

From the University of Nottingham, The Periodic Table of Videos is a collection of short, informative videos about each of the elements in the Periodic Table of the Elements.

Principles of Protein Structure

An accredited, advanced certificate course using the Internet offered by Birkbeck College (University of London).

Quizzes and Tutorials

This Ohio State University Web site contains 15 test banks to provide undergraduate chemistry students with additional practice problems. The test bank includes subjects like atoms and molecules, chemical equations, molecular geometry and bonding, solubilty, and electrochemistry. After a quiz is taken, it's graded and the correct answers are given.  Chemistry is a repository for free educational lectures in science, technology, business, arts, education, law, and the humanities. Given by renowned scholars, the lectures are derived from conferences, workshops, summer schools, and other promotional events. The site is  searchable.

Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource (VIPEr)

Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource (VIPEr) is "a repository of inorganic teaching materials and a social networking platform that facilitates collaboration and community building." VIPEr includes learning objects, forums, polls, comments on textbooks, and news. Registration is free and required for commenting.

What's that Stuff?

Based on articles from the American Chemical Society's newsmagazine Chemical & Engineering News, this site describes the chemistry and science of products like self-tanners, baseballs, light sticks, fireworks, new car smell, erasers, and MSG.

Wired Chemist

Wired Chemist contains instructional materials including lecture notes, tutorials, problem sets, lab exercises, animated demonstrations, and NMR spectra for over 100 compounds.  

The World of Chemistry

Produced by the University of Maryland and the Educational Film Center and made available by Annenberg Media, The World of Chemistry is collection of 26 half-hour programs covering both introductory and advanced topics. Topics include atoms, the periodic table, molecules, electrons, protons, metals, polymers, proteins, and the genetic code. Although access to these videos is free, registration is required.

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