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Chemistry: A Guide to Non-Library Web Resources: Starting Points

Starting Points, Subject Collections, & Metasites

Chemical Information Sources Wikibook

Originally it was compiled by Gary Wiggins (Indiana University) and published as a book in 1991.  Currently, it is maintained by the ACS Chemical Information Division's Education Committee.  Containing 21 chapters, it covers information on the publication process, chemistry guides, search strategies, current awareness, author and citation searching, subject, chemical name, formula, and structure searching, synthesis and reaction searching, physical property searching, science writing aids, chemical history, and careers.


A categorized search engine for the use of chemical industry professionals. Focuses on industrial and applied chemistry.


Chemical resource page compiled by Dana Roth of the Caltech Library System. Some of the material is specific to the Caltech libraries, but much of it is of general use.

Chemistry Index

A comprehensive chemistry meta site compiled by University at Albany Ph.D. Rolf Claessen. It includes a search engine as well as browsing access to databases, companies, software, journals, patents, employment, reactions, spectrosopy, & societies.

Chemistry Pointers

Links to chemistry sites at academic institutions, associations & societies, and commercial organizations

Crystallography Online

From the International Union of Crystallography, this is a collection of links leading to information about associations, conferences, crystallographers, data, databases, education, employment, journals, news, software, and suppliers.

Electrochemical Science & Technology Information Resource (ESTIR)

From the Electrochemical Society,  ESTIR contains links to a thousands of resources such as mailing lists, discussion groups, bibliographies, software, chemical/physical data, popular science, graduate schools, reviews, books, historic publications, associations and societies, journals and book series, handbooks, nomenclature, and meetings and short courses.

Green Chemistry Resources

From the ACS Green Chemistry Institute, this site lists organizations involved with green chemistry, a set of education aids, including videos, and employment resources. 

Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide

This resource is an Internet guide for synthetic organic chemists. It is arranged by subject with annotations for all resources. The resources are divided in to the following categories: the organic chemistry literature, synthesis planning, chemical sourcing, reaction components, compound classes, reaction set-up, workup and purification, structural analysis, and communication. .

Selected Internet Sources for Chemistry (SIRCh)

Formerly called ChemInfo, SIRCh is an extensive, searchable listing of chemical sites on the Web.  Originally compiled by Gary Wiggins, it is now in wikibook format.

This portal from Wiley publishers offers a wealth of information and resources on atomic, IR, MRI, MS, NMR, Raman, UV, X-ray, chemometics, and proteomics. It includes articles, recommended books, links to Web sites, educational resources, news and features, employment resources, conference listings, and discussion forums.

WWW Chemistry Guide

The WWW Chemistry Guide is a comprehensive guide listing evaluated Web sites related to chemistry and the chemical industry. It is arranged by chemistry disciplines like analytical chemistry, biochemstry, green chemistry, organic chemistry, and polymer chemistry, as well as subjects like blogs, directories, journals, MSDS, and software. There is also a search engine that will search the WWW Chemistry Guide and other important chemistry Web sites.

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