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Mathematics & Statistics: A Guide to Non-Library Web Resources: Digital Collections

Digital Collections

AMS Digital Mathematics Registry

Hosted by the American Mathematical Society, the aim of AMS Digital Mathematics Registry "is to provide centralized access to collections of digitized publications in the mathematical sciences" and related areas like computer science. This includes both journals and journal-like book series. The resource list can be sorted by title or source (publisher). For every title listed, there's an indication whether it is freely accessible, a subscription is needed, or it is a combination of both.

Classroom Capsules and Notes

From the Mathematical Association of American (MAA), this digital collection contains classroom-oriented materials at the undergraduate level.  It is based on articles that appeared in The College Mathematics Journal and other MAA publications.  Its purpose is to provide students with new mathematical insights.  Articles can be found by browsing subject categories or by basic or advanced searching.  The collection is freely available.

DML: Digital Mathematics Library: Retrodigitized Mathematics Journals and Monographs

Based on a section in "The Digital Mathematics Library" by Allyn Jackson, appearing the Notices of the AMS 50 (8) 2003, this site lists retrodigitzed journals and books. The list may be sorted by journal, repository, title, or author.

EuDML:  The European Digital Mathematics Library

Created by a consortium, EuDML is an open access collection of journal articles, books, and multivolume works published in Europe.  Over half of the collection is in English, however, other European languages are represented.  There are basic and advanced search capabilities, and browse by subject and browse by journal features.  The earliest publication is from 1584.

Project EUCLID
Managed by Cornell Library and Duke University Press, this site provides open access to over a million pages of mathematics and statistics content.
The Euler Archive

The Euler Archive contains most of Leonhard Eurler's orginal publications along with modern Euler scholarship.  It is accessible by subject, date, publication (source), and index number.  The Archive also includes historical information, translations, correspondence, and a reading list.

Some Mathematical Works of the 17th & 18th Centuries Translated Mainly from Latin into English

Translated mostly by Ian Bruce and covering roughly 1600 to 1750, this collection covers the time period when modern analytical methods came into being.  

Student Translations of Euler's Mathematics

A project of the Mathematics Department at Rowan University, this collection contains translations of Leonhard Euler's papers,  The papers were translated by undergraduate students and supervised by mathematics faculty.  

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