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Mathematics & Statistics: A Guide to Non-Library Web Resources: Software



A collection of MATLAB routines created for the purpose of estimation of parameters and confidence regions for multivariate autoregressive (AR) processes, diagnostic checking of fitted models, and spectral decomposition of AR models.

Guide to Available Mathematical Software

Repository of mathematical & statistical software components of use in computational science & engineering.

Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages

A metasite of freely accessible multi-platform statistical software; includes access to calculators, plotters, random number generators, & programs that perform literally hundreds of calculations.

Math Archives

Math Archives is an organized collection of mathematics education resources on the Internet. It can browsed by subjects like algebra, combinatorics, fractals, history of mathematics, industrial mathematics, number theory, and probability theory; or it can be searched by keyword. Each resource is rated by level of mathematical training. Math Archives also provides access mathematical software.


A metasite containing freely available software, conference proceedings, and databases of interest to the numerical and scientific computing communities.

The OpenScience Project: Mathematics

The OpenScience Project contains a directory of open source scientific software. The mathematics section lists resources under several categories including: abstract algebra, combinatorics, differential equations, dynamical systems, linear algebra, number theory, numerical methods, optimization probability, set theory, and statistics. A search engine is also included.


A system for distributing statistical software, datasets, and information.

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