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Mathematics & Statistics: A Guide to Non-Library Web Resources: Starting Points

Starting Points, Subject Collections, & Metasites

Catalog of Mathematics Resources on the Web

This guide from the University of Wisconsin (Colleges) provides access to numerous resources in these categories:  general; history and biography; applied, computational, and mathematical physics; math education; probability and statistics; math reference resources and utilities; software and programs; books and publications; journals and preprints; art, graphics, and cryptography; miscellaneous; and other math resources directories.

Ethnomathematics on the Web

This site provides access to a small collection of mathematics Web sites that have an ethnic focus.

Game Theory .net

This portal provides links to game theory journals, societies, teaching resources, and other Web portals.

Geometry in Action

Geometry in Action lists areas from discrete and computational geometry with real world applications. Each of the application areas contains a description and links to sites with additional information.

Intute: Science, Engineering, and Technology: Mathematics

Intute provides access to quality Internet resources. The mathematics section may be browsed by the following subjects: general, algebra, analysis, applications to science and engineering, computer and information sciences, mathematics education, geometry and topology, history and foundations of mathematics, numerical analysis and optimization, and probability and statistics. Intute is also searchable.

Links to Web Sites on the History of Mathematics

A large collection of links to sites related to the history of mathematics including general sites, biographies, regional mathematics, exhibits, online books & journals, societies, and educational resources.

Math Archives

Math Archives is an organized collection of mathematics education resources on the Internet. It can browsed by subjects like algebra, combinatorics, fractals, history of mathematics, industrial mathematics, number theory, and probability theory; or it can be searched by keyword. Each resource is rated by level of mathematical training. Math Archives also provides access to mathematical software.

Mathematics Resources on the Internet

Compiled by Bruno Kevius, this meta site provides access to mathematics resources from general sites to disciplinary Websites covering subjects such as algebra, calculus/analysis, computer algebra, combinatorics, geometry, math logic, number theory, probability and statistics, symbolic mathematics, and topology.

Mathematics WWW Virtual Library

Access mathematics addresses, bibliographies, academic Web servers, electronic journals, newsgroups, online books, preprints, software, and TeX archives.

Number Theory Web

This site provides access to number theory resources including routines, institutes and centers, job postings, conference and seminar announcements, lecture notes, theses, links to information on number theory topics, and biographies.

The Probability Web

This site is a gateway to probability resources including abstracts, listservers, newsgroups, people, jobs, journals, books, software, conferences, publishers, quotations, educational resources, and other probability resources.

Statistics on the Web

Contains links to professional organizations, institutes and consulting groups, Web courses, Web textbooks, publications and publishers, software, & mailing lists and discussion groups.

Topology Atlas

A repository of information on topology; includes abstracts, conference/seminar calendar, courses, employment, invited contributions, preprints, proceedings, publishers, who's who, links to other topology Web sites, & TopCom, a magazine for the community of topologists.

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